Friday, October 21, 2005

Boob Tube

The Hammer has news for you, Mrs. Hitlery Clintoon! While you may think it's pretty hi-damn-larious to leave some Soap-On-A-Rope and a big ol' tub of Vaseline on my doorstep, and go hide in the hydrangeas (though from what I hear, you sure don't mind squattin' down with your face buried in some bush!), The Hammer don't go down like that.

I don't know how they play it on your side of the aisle, but if this Majority Leader enjoys some long-term federally-funded hospitality, he's gonna be the one packing the feeding tube all the other prags are sucking off!

Thursday, October 20, 2005


By the way, tough titties, Turd Blossom! Fristy's already called dibs on us being bunkmates, so's if you're gonna be joining us down at the ol' Graybar Hotel, might I suggest you (A.) get on the horn with your pal Scooter, and (B.) holler shotgun for the top bunk. From what I hear, Scoots is a "leaker" in more ways than one!

Smell ya!

Please Hammer - don't hurt 'em!

Smiling DeLay turns himself in for booking

'Course I flashed 'em my pearly-ass whites. Arrested or not, ain't no one gonna make a tool out of The Hammer!